Kid Tested Mom Approved

It’s that time of year again where the days start to get shorter. The evenings are a little cooler. And the upset countdown to the end of summer draws nearer and nearer. We must admit that this year is looking much different than any of us could have imagined, but moving forward with a positive attitude is really all we can do. That is why here at Amaranth we are celebrating getting “Back To Routine” this fall with our favourite Kid Tested, Mom Approved products.


All of these products along with the ones we tested last fall have gone through harsh testing from the most brutally honest judges out there... our toddlers and children. Each product first had to pass Mom’s approval for being healthy and nutritious and then be approved by our panel of judges (aged 2-8). So without further adieu check out our list below of Kid Tested, Mom Approved products to help you get back to routine this fall.


Vitamins are super important to help aid our body’s natural immunity, and finding a brand that your kids will like shouldn’t be hard. To get you started, we recommend grabbing a Vitamin D and C, Multivitamin, and a probiotic. Below are some great brands we carry:

kid tested mom approved.png


  • Herbaland kids cal & Vit D 

  • Herbaland kids F, V, fiber 

  • Herbaland multi 

  • Genuine Health adv gut probiotic

What would life as a parent be without snacks?! You could feed your kid’s 5 meals a day and they would still ask for snacks. As a parent finding prepackaged, on the go snacks can be challenging when trying to stay healthy and avoid refined sugars. Making all your own snacks from scratch is also not always manageable. Therefore, we’ve rounded up our favourite bits and bites that are not only healthy but got the thumbs up from our little ones:

  • Made Good Rice Krispies

  • BelSoy Vanilla Puddings

  • Late July Cheese Crackers

  • Wild Made Fruit Rolls

  • GimMe Seaweed snacks


We are also giving away a Back To Routine Survival Pack click on the Instagram image below for a chance to win!

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