The Power of Fresh Plants

The Power of Fresh Plants

Alfred Vogel discovered at an early age that the strength and therapeutic potential of plant extracts are at their zenith when fresh - two to three times more than dry. His claims were supported by observations, patient interviews and clinical research published in 1994.
Plants for the manufacturing of A.Vogel products are used within a maximum of 24 hours after harvest. This is why A.Vogel remedies are as fresh as nature.

Sustainable Farming Projects

A.Vogel medicinal plants come from A.Vogel crops, either by farmers under contract or carefully supervised wild collections and sustainable farming projects. Taking into account the needs of the local population, optimum protection and sustainable use of natural resources are always at the heart of A.Vogel principles.

Controlled from Seed to Bottle

Our gardens flourish with plants from traceable A.Vogel seeds to ensure consistent quality and efficacy.
We follow BIO-SUISSE's strict guidelines of environmental safety checks, high organic standards and scientific and ethical practices. No artificial fertilizers, no pesticides, no weeding nor fungicides are used. A.Vogel makes high quality products to meet customer needs, on the cutting edge of modern science.


Green Inside and Out

We never test on animals and we continuously strive to provide quality Vegan products that ensure the health of all Canadians. Our products have always been packed to size and bottled in 100% recyclable glass.


Made with love

The notion to love, respect and protect all of nature's gifts is evident not only in our production processes but also through our commitment to support environmental preservation groups such as Bee City Canada. Over the last 8 years, our annual Save the Bees campaign has generated over 20,000$ to support efforts to protect and educate our youth on the importance of preserving our bees.

Biodynamic agriculture

Biodynamic agriculture began in 1924 and it was prevalent in Germany and Switzerland where A.Vogel was living. Alfred Vogel began his Naturopathic activities in 1923 so it's very likely that he was influenced by anthroposophic and biodynamic philosophy.
A.Vogel's sustainable farming principles closely resemble Biodynamic ones, which allow us to state that our policies and procedures go beyond the traditional definition of organic. Here are some examples why:

  • Emphasize the use of green manure and composts

  • Local plant agriculture, neighbouring farms that adhere to Bioforce farming standards

  • Zero tolerance of GMO plants in Switzerland

  • Sustainable use of natural resources and care for the earth

  • Optimum protection of the land

  • Controlled organic cultivation

  • Healthy soils

  • No artificial fertilizers, no herbicides, no pesticides, no fungicides

  • Use of green compost: for well-balanced soil

  • Crop rotation to preserve the earth

  • Companion planting to ward off pests instead of using chemicals

  • Minerals added to compost and field sprays against bugs and predators.

  • Traditional plant use

  • Development of local plant varieties

  • Intensive soil testing

  • Intensive plant testing

  • Seed saving: using the foundation's seeds


Quality Control and Research

All natural remedies are produced according to stringent GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) Guidelines of the European and Swiss Medical Authorities. To date, more than 40 clinical studies have been published on A.Vogel products.


At A.Vogel, we always go the extra mile to ensure we provide the highest quality standards of both ingredients and finished remedies.


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