Strengthen Your Immunity During COVID-19

How can we add more weight to the bar when it comes to strengthening immunity? Our Amaranth team is sharing their go-to ways to turn up our defenses during a challenging season. These 6 intentional actions promote wellness, aid protective factors and support a more time-efficient recovery.


  1. Sleep & Meditation - Put in those 8-10 hours of zzz's
  2. Movement - Take at least 20 minutes per day to move, and preferably outside!
  3. Eat more whole foods - Limit your intake of processed or refined foods
  4. Stay Connected - Look for ways to foster human connection
  5. Hydrate - Add one more bottle of water, electrolyte drink or herbal tea to your daily routine
  6. Supplements - Support your defenses with our recommended go-to's: Vitamin C, D, NAC, Probiotic, Quercetin and Mushrooms...You can shop in-store between January 1-March 31 and receive 25% off any of the below-listed products. First, here is why we love them!

Vitamin C is a primer for our immune system because it accumulates in various types of immune cells and enables the ability to combat infection and destroy invading pathogens. Health First® offers a great, daily Time Release Vitamin C that stays in our bloodstream over a 6-8 hour period. 


Vitamin D: Health experts believe as many as 80% of Canadians do not get enough vitamin D during the winter months from October to March. Low levels of vitamin D are associated with over a dozen different types of health issues, including lowered immune modulation. 



Quercetin’s possible antiviral effects appear to be related to an ability to help prevent a virus from replicating itself and to cause infection. Natural Factors Quercetin LipoMicel Matrix is a great option as it provides an advanced form of the antioxidant with 10 times higher absorption than standard forms. 


Probiotics: The gastrointestinal tract is home to the largest concentration and highest diversity of bacteria in the body and contains the greatest amount of lymphoid tissue. It’s this lymphoid tissue that is responsible for coordinating defense strategies between the innate and adaptive immune systems. Understanding this helps us to appreciate why good gut health is important for good immune health. ProBio Supreme is diverse with 14 researched back bacterial strains and 55 billion live microorganisms. 


N-A-C: It has been used for over 30 years for respiratory health, providing some relief to those suffering from chronic respiratory conditions such as the annoying post-nasal drip, sinusitis, chronic bronchitis, clears excess mucus, and even life-threatening conditions such as COPD. AOR's NAC provides 500mg per capsule. 


Purica's Complete 360 Mushrooms: A synergistic blend of Ashwagandha and eight medicinal mushrooms to support immunity, strengthen the body’s response to stress and optimize health. Beta-glucans are the primary compounds in medicinal mushrooms that are sought for strengthening the immune system and Complete 360 beta-glucans content are 20-30%. 


~Your Amaranth Wellness Team